Lima 1979, lives and works in Berlin, New York City and Lima. 


Alberto Borea’s work is characterized by the continuous displacement and use of diverse media and materials. By combining language and found objetcs in his paintings and installations, he alters and re contextualizes their meanings. 

Borea opens a space for an existential discourse, where poetry, humor and socio- political ideas coexist.

He has participated in diverse exhibitions in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. These include Queens International, Queens Museum of Art 2014 / Permission to be Global, Museum of Arts of Boston /We are All Gone, Y Gallery NYC / Museo del Barrio Biennial – The S files NYC /”Impulse , Reason , sense an Conflict” Cisneros Fontanals CIFO Miami/Tracing the unseen Border" curated by Ian Cofre and Omar lopez Chahoud, La Mamma Gallery, New York /  “West at Sunset” Abrons Arts Center, New York/ ”Planet of Slums” curated by LaToya Frazier, Mason Gross Galleries New Jersey / "Dublin Contemporary" curated by Christian Viveros and Jota Castro /We are all gone Y gallery NYC/ Mobility and its discontents, curated by Sara Reisman, The 8th floor among others.


Alberto Borea's work is being exhibited in art fairs such as The Armory Show, Art Basel Miami, Arco, Artissima, Expo Chicago, Untitled Art Fair, ArteBA, NADA, MACO, ArtBO, ArtLima.


His work is part of different  public and private collections such as Guggenheim Museum Collection, Cisneros Fontanals Collection, Museo de Arte de Lima, Museo del Barrio, Shelley and Donald  Rubin Collection, Colección Cisneros de Patricia de Phelps, among others.

He has been awarded with different residencies and fellowships including Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, (Fundación Cisneros de Patricia de Phelps), Art Omi International Residency 2009, Vermont Studio Center (Jackson Pollock Krasner Fellowship), International Studio and Curatorial Program NYC (ISCP), Sculpture Space, Utica, NY , Default Masterclass in residence, Lecce, and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC).   




2019 - “Highways and Borders” Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife

2018 - “Paraíso” Revolver Galeria, Buenos Aires

2017 - “Cartografía Animal”, Galería Revolver, Lima

2016 - “Heroes” Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima

2015 - “Immigration Line”, Xavier Fiol Gallery, Palma de Mallorca

2014 - “We Are All Gone” Y Gallery, New York City 

2013 - “Turista”  Galeria Isabel Hurley, Málaga 

2012 - “La naturaleza de la defensa” Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima

2012 - “Because of Construction” Y Gallery, New York City 

2011 - “The Mountains of America “  Galería Isabel Hurley, Málaga              

2010 - “Fortalezas”, Y Gallery, New York City  

2009 - “Residencia”  Espacio La Culpable, Lima

2008 - “Ruinas y Ciudades”  Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima

2006 - “Cowboys”, Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima



2019 - “Territorios Sociales” Galeria Impakto, Lima

2019 - “Older than Satan”,  Revolver Galeria, Buenos Aires

2019 - "SINCRONICAS", Curated by Max Hernandez Calvo, Cisneros Fontanals Arts Foundation, Instante Fundación Madrid

2019 - “Mass Spectacle” curated by Pietro Gagliano, Galeria Eduardo Secci, Florence

2019 - “Penumbra” Olsen Gruin Gallery, New York City


2018 - “White Anxiety” curated by Juan Puntes and Raul Zamudio, New York City

2018 - “Extractions” Gallery Nosco, Marseille

2018 - “Change of Matter” LAMB Arts, London

2018 - “Older than Satan” ICPNA, Lima


2017 - "Paisaje Infinito” Revolver Galeria”, Buenos Aires

2017 - “Repositorio Rotativo de video Latinoamericano” Museo del Barrio, New York City

2017 - “Artistas Peruanos en la Colección Hochschild” Sala Alcalá 31 curated by Octavio Zaia, Madrid


2016 - “Fábrica de deseos” Galeria Xavier Fiol, Palma de Mallorca 

2016 - “Divagation” Y Gallery, New York City

2016 - “Sin título” Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima

2016 -  “The invisible hand”, Ludlow 69, New York City

2016 - “#Make America Great Again”, curated by Raul Zamudio Juan Puntes, White Box, New York City

2015 - “There is only one catch and that is Catch-22” curated by Blanca de la Torre, Y Gallery, New York City

2015 - “Señalamientos” curated by Jorge Villacorta, Galería Lucía de la Puente. Lima

2015 - “Mobility and its Discontents” curated by Sara Reisman, The 8th Floor. New York City

2015 - “Impulse, Reason, Sense and Conflict” Abstract Art from Ella Cisneros Fontanals Collection (CIFO), Miami


2014 - “Permission to be Global”, Cisneros Fontanal Collection (CIFO), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

2014 - “Permission to be Global” , Cisneros Fontanal Collection (CIFO), Miami.


2013 - “Guts” curated by George Terry, Abrons Art Center, New York City

2013 - “Queens International” curated by Hitomi Iwasaki and Maya Cheng, Queens Museum of  Art, New York City

2013 - “Paradero” Curated by Carlo Trivelli,  Galería Lucía de La Puente, Lima

2013 - “The Name, The Nose” curated by  Raul Zamudio, MuseoLaboratorio, Città Sant'Angelo, Pescara  

2013 - AMIL, Collection Juan Carlos Verme, curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra, Lima

2013 - "How much Do I owe You” No Longer Empty, New York City


2012 - “Remesas”  Curated by Rodrigo Quijano, Fundacion Telefonica, Lima

2012 - “Salvajes”, Traneudstillingen Exhibition Space,  Copenhagen

2012 - “Dias Negros”  Galería Revolver, Lima

2012 - “Terra incognita”, Centro Cultural de España, Lima

2012 - “New York”, Art Museum of the Americas  AMA, Washington DC.


2011 - “Dublin Contemporary 2011”  , Curated by Jota Castro and  Christian Viveros, Dublin

2011 - "Salvajes”, Asya Geiberg Gallery, curated by Guillermo Creus, New York City

2011 - “Anonymous Presence”, Y Gallery, New York City

2011 - “Manifestly Destined”, Flanders Gallery, curated by Greg Lindquist,Flanders Gallery, NC.

2011 - “The S- files” Museo del Barrio, NY. Curated by Elvis Fuentes and Rocio Aranda.

2011 - “Tracing the Unseen Border” La Mamma Gallery, curated by Omar Lopez Chahoud  and Ian Coffre, New York City

2010 - “Planet of Slums”  Mason Gross Galleries, curated by La Toya Ruby Frazier, New Jersey

2010 - “West at Sunset”  Abrons Art Center, New York City              


2009 - “Lingua Franca”, Museo de Huelva, curated by Ivan de la Torre, Huelva


2008 - "Borea/Scaglia", Red House Gallery, curated by Tulsi Karpio, Los Angeles


2007 - "IN_FUSION", Instituto Cervantes, Berlin

2007 - "El ojo latino", Fundación Luciano Benetton

2007 - "Zona de desplazamientos" Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (MAMBA), Buenos Aires

2007 - “En el nombre del Padre”, Sala Luis Miróquesada Garland, Lima


2005 - “Poéticas del Polvo y la Ceniza”, Centro Cultural de España, Lima



2016 - NALAC Grantee

2013 - Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, LMCC, New York City 

2011 - Sculpture Space Residency, Utica, New York

2010 - International Studio & Curatorial Studies (ISCP), New York City 

2009 - Vermont Studio Center, Pollock Krasner Foundation

2009 - Art Omi International Residencie, New York

2008 - Skowhegan, School of Painting and Sculpture, Patricia de Phelps de Cisneros Foundation, Maine



Guggenheim Museum

Museo del Barrio

Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

CIFO Cisneros Fontanals

Madeira Corporate Service Collection

Shelley and Donald Rubin Collection

AMIL Collection

Hochschild Collection